Sunday, November 06, 2005

My "Special" Needs Class

So I started a new group class at your local large pet chain type place. It has turned out to be a bit of a strange class. In almost every class there is one student and/or dog who just isn't really paying attention. In this class no one is paying attention. NO ONE!

There is a large Golden/Lab mix, a Mastiff pup and a Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix. Now you wouldn't expect any trouble from a Lab/Golden mix but he is verrrry territorial large and frankly a bit scary. The Mastiff is so big, clumsy and lazy that he's kind of like the fat kid that got picked last in P.E. (I can say that being a picked last type myself) and the Pom/Chihuahua mix is.... how should I say it? Ummmmmmm.....mean and spoiled!

Now the owners (in the same order as their dogs) are a family "horribly concerned" about the Lab/Goldens aggression, but find it hysterically funny when he cowers in fear from lack of socialization. The owners of the Mastiff are spoiling the dog so badly that they are going to have a very large (180 lbs+), untrained and spoiled beast in their bed. The Pom/Chihuahua owner knew her dog LOVED the treats I was doling out but found out you had to cut them yourself, sniffed, said "I don't cut up anything" and turned tail with her Louis Vuitton dog carrier and left.

Sigh........usually there are one or maybe on a bad night two in a class but all of them!! I resorted to the last trick in my bag...........tricks. Told them all how to get their dogs to sit up and sent them home. Maybe next week they'll be ready to learn.