Thursday, February 02, 2006

Pet Peeves

Okay I'll admit it I'm a bit cranky today. I was walking the dog and things were bugging me so I decided to write them down as well as try to elevate my mood by writing down what I do like (although that might make me crankier if none are present today)

So my pet peeves are....
Head colds-There is nothing worse (okay, yes, war is worse. I'm being strictly selfish) than a runny nose and no tissue.
Loose dogs- People who let their dogs barrel out of their driveways at everyone who passes by.
Tied Dogs- People who ALWAYS tie their dogs up. There are a couple people in my neighborhood who leave their dogs tied out all the time. It makes me want to cry each time I pass them.
Poverty-Being very broke sucks! (Yes, again I know starving children in India...remember I'm being selfish)
Unreliability- People who you can't rely on to do what they say. If you aren't going to do it don't say it! Someone I know might think this is directed at him, it's not I'm talking about someone else.
Clients- Don't hire me if you aren't going to listen to me!
SUV's- Being a little car driver I can't stand being at a light and not being able to see the light or anything else for that matter. Oh and when they go one mile per hour over speed bumps. Isn't that what they are supposed to do? Go over Mountains and stuff?
Zits, Fat (body fat that is), people who have never done retail and treat clerks like crap. Gas prices, Bush, RAIN!!! So annoyed with Mother Nature right now.

Okay what do I like?
A cold night when I'm really tired and going to bed on clean sheets with lots of blankets and pillow and a clean dog or a warm back (one warm back in particular)
Puppies! Can't be cranky around them
Good Hair days
Diamonds, so terribly materialistic of me :) I don't have any right now but still love them
New Clients who pay the first time I meet them