Thursday, March 16, 2006


Over the weekend I went to a dog show. After seeing all the different breeds and looking back on it now, I can't resist the temptation to compare the people in my life to the different breeds of dogs. I was struck by how the characteristics of the dogs related to some of them...

When we walked by the Poodles everyone was crowded around taking pictures. I swear that dog was posing. It just knew everyone was looking and it. It tossed its head, looked coyly over its shoulder and smiled. I had a roommate for about five years who was the female human version of that dog! Everywhere we went she knew everyone was looking at her. Nevermind I was right there and occasionally not looking too shabby. The whole world was there for her.

My Mom and Dad would be a Terrier (any which one of them) and a English Mastiff respectively. Dad is regal, thoughtful and yes a bit slow moving. Mom runs around you yapping, nipping, and making a lot of noise. My sister would be a Golden Retriever eager to please, perfect and doing exactly what she's told.

I have an ex-boyfriend who would have to be Chow Chow. Extremely guarded, showy and given half a chance would wander off to another owner or yard.

My favorite"dawg" reminds me of his current dog. He has a Basset who are a little lower to the ground than others of his kind but barrel chested, so lovable and such a huge presence that they seem as big as a Dane.

Then there is me...I thought I wouldn't try to compare me to anything but then it came to me what I'm like. I guess I'd compare myself to a Border Collie. Energetic, smart and eager to please. But if they don't have enough to keep themselves busy they get a little crazy and try to chew through walls or their own feet.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


I had a puppy class the other night. In that class there is a four month old Chocolate Lab named "Teddy". He's in that stage of dog life where he is extremely clumsy, hyper-active, and seems to have more skin than body, it kind rolls loosely on his frame. His owner is a sixteen year old girl. She usually comes alone but brought her sixteen year old boyfriend last week.

The dog has a jumping up problem. Well not really a problem for him:) So as they do he was repeatedly jumping on the sixteen year old boyfriend. Everytime he did the boyfriend would thwack him on the head with the nylon leash and tell the dog he was going to "kick his ass". Now I'm sure this really didn't hurt the dog... but still.

So I watched this about three times and when I couldn't take it anymore..I pulled the kid down an aisle away from the class. I said "if there is going to be any ass kicking in this class it's going to be me kicking yours if you don't stop hitting that dog". He turned bright red, pulled himself up to his full 5'3" and said "Oh yeah?" (brilliant aren't they at that age?) I got right back in his face and said "Yeah" and turned back to my class.

About five minutes later I noticed his girlfriend was there but he was gone. She said he suddenly realized he "had something to do". I don't think he told her what happened. Sigh, I may get fired someday for something like this but I can't help it. What I really wanted to do was tell the girl to get rid of him. She seems nice and nothing says "white trash" to me like hitting your animals. Oh well she'll learn....hopefully I would hate to think of her being on the end of that leash someday.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Pet Peeves

Okay I'll admit it I'm a bit cranky today. I was walking the dog and things were bugging me so I decided to write them down as well as try to elevate my mood by writing down what I do like (although that might make me crankier if none are present today)

So my pet peeves are....
Head colds-There is nothing worse (okay, yes, war is worse. I'm being strictly selfish) than a runny nose and no tissue.
Loose dogs- People who let their dogs barrel out of their driveways at everyone who passes by.
Tied Dogs- People who ALWAYS tie their dogs up. There are a couple people in my neighborhood who leave their dogs tied out all the time. It makes me want to cry each time I pass them.
Poverty-Being very broke sucks! (Yes, again I know starving children in India...remember I'm being selfish)
Unreliability- People who you can't rely on to do what they say. If you aren't going to do it don't say it! Someone I know might think this is directed at him, it's not I'm talking about someone else.
Clients- Don't hire me if you aren't going to listen to me!
SUV's- Being a little car driver I can't stand being at a light and not being able to see the light or anything else for that matter. Oh and when they go one mile per hour over speed bumps. Isn't that what they are supposed to do? Go over Mountains and stuff?
Zits, Fat (body fat that is), people who have never done retail and treat clerks like crap. Gas prices, Bush, RAIN!!! So annoyed with Mother Nature right now.

Okay what do I like?
A cold night when I'm really tired and going to bed on clean sheets with lots of blankets and pillow and a clean dog or a warm back (one warm back in particular)
Puppies! Can't be cranky around them
Good Hair days
Diamonds, so terribly materialistic of me :) I don't have any right now but still love them
New Clients who pay the first time I meet them