Thursday, March 16, 2006


Over the weekend I went to a dog show. After seeing all the different breeds and looking back on it now, I can't resist the temptation to compare the people in my life to the different breeds of dogs. I was struck by how the characteristics of the dogs related to some of them...

When we walked by the Poodles everyone was crowded around taking pictures. I swear that dog was posing. It just knew everyone was looking and it. It tossed its head, looked coyly over its shoulder and smiled. I had a roommate for about five years who was the female human version of that dog! Everywhere we went she knew everyone was looking at her. Nevermind I was right there and occasionally not looking too shabby. The whole world was there for her.

My Mom and Dad would be a Terrier (any which one of them) and a English Mastiff respectively. Dad is regal, thoughtful and yes a bit slow moving. Mom runs around you yapping, nipping, and making a lot of noise. My sister would be a Golden Retriever eager to please, perfect and doing exactly what she's told.

I have an ex-boyfriend who would have to be Chow Chow. Extremely guarded, showy and given half a chance would wander off to another owner or yard.

My favorite"dawg" reminds me of his current dog. He has a Basset who are a little lower to the ground than others of his kind but barrel chested, so lovable and such a huge presence that they seem as big as a Dane.

Then there is me...I thought I wouldn't try to compare me to anything but then it came to me what I'm like. I guess I'd compare myself to a Border Collie. Energetic, smart and eager to please. But if they don't have enough to keep themselves busy they get a little crazy and try to chew through walls or their own feet.

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