Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mark and Mary Kay
Well Travis posted about the "Hot for Teacher" night at a pioneer square bar last week. So Travis I blame you!
Mark decided that he wanted to go see the spectacle. I thought he was kidding but Saturday night rolled around and he told me to get ready. Honestly I didn't want to go but this is what he said

So knowing someday I would ask him to do something he didn'twant to I went. We arrived and the nedia was everywhere. I'm pretty sure they outnumbered the club goers whih makes me believe they were part of the reason for the spectacle.

We met the mayor and the deputy of the bar (drunk as skunks)

...and finally caught a glimpse of the man of the hour Vili Fuluaa

I immediately felt bad for him and slightly ashamed that I was part of the spectacle but at the same time he is 26 years old and if he wanted a quiet life, well he could have it. But you have to wonder if he feels badly that people are there merely to gawk at him. Mark says I repeated that over and over and I guess I did but I felt uncomfortable. Oh and notice the song lyrics playing right before she got there.

She arrived

She was wearing a tight black mini dress and seemed to bloom in the attention. People took pictures with her, touched her and wanted just to be near her. Frankly it was a bit horrifying but she looked ecstatic...fortified.

Then it happened, she approached Mark and complimented him on his shirt

I don't know if you can hear it in my voice but I was really quite grossed out by the whole thing.

Here is my five minute amateur analysis. More than her being a pedophile I think she probably is just a total narcissist who needs, wants, craves attention and this person gave her what she wanted and is still giving it to her, evidenced by this freak show. But he had better keep giving it to her if he wants to keep her. Unfortunately she won't lack it for long.

Oh and in a great show of "Instant Karma" our car battery was dead when we got back to the car. Gotta Love the universe:)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lola vs. A Towel

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned from my Dog

Yesterday I was fishing around a very large Amoire in the kitchen and I found the above Gingerbread man toy that we had lost track of at Christmastime . Lola was thrilled to see a"new"toy and proceeded to rip it to shreds. It reminded me of Christmas 2006 or rather February of 2007.

My dad had given Lola a grunting rubber chicken with a pompadour hairdo, a cigarette and wearing a wife beater t-shirt. We all laughed hysterically at it. It was truly hideous. The same thing happened to the rubber chicken it ended up somehow under a couch.

In January my dad died and the rubber chicken was forgotten. In February for some reason or another it reappeared and I took it from my dog fearing she would rip apart the last thing my dad gave her. I put it on the counter while he plaintively woofed at it. She really wanted to kill it. I kept it from her for quite awhile until I realized that was just stupid. It was ugly and the reaon my dad bought it was because he wanted her to have the joy of ripping it apart. The moment we laughed I had in my head I didn't need the chicken. So I let her have it and it was pink shreds in minutes.
So what have I learned from Lola?
-It's the people who matter not the stuff they give you.
-It's how people really are, not how they look that matters. Weight, height ,clothes, hair all that stuff doesn't matter in the least. She doesn't notice.
-Sometimes it's ok to be stinky
-Wait for people to show you how they really are before you form an opinion.
- Forgive freely and immediately
-Nap frequently but play hard before you do.
-The wind in your face feels really good
- It's ok to act goofy
- It's ok to growl when you don't want to be humped
However, she is wrong about a few things
-Rolling in dead things
-Chewing on a Bull's Penis
-Unabashed begging
-I will never sniff a butt to say hello
-Eating your own vomit

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I saw this posted tonight and found it funny. It's an argument between two churches on if dogs go to heaven. If with the catholics which is funny because I'm usually never on the side of catholics. That whole misogynist, ignore the pedophiles and refuse to talk about birth control rubs e the wrong way but this is funny. Click to enlarge

Sunday, May 03, 2009

I've been busy lately and been a bad blogger. I will try harder please don't stop visiting