Thursday, September 17, 2009

If you read my last post you met these dogs. They were not in this condition 4 months ago. I wrote a post about how they were eating everything in sight. Well two weeks ago I realized why...they are starving.
It's funny when you see a dog practically everyday you don't immediately realize changes. Two weeks ago after watching them eat human feces, a blue jay nest (with the baby blue jays in it...another post), the trash in my car and many other things I realized they were painfully thin. 
Right about the time I started taking care of them their owners changed their food to a raw diet. I don't really approve of raw diets. I think a high quality kibble is fine. It can be hard to get the proper amount of nutrients when feeding raw. But I said nothing they aren't my dogs. Then I finally took a good look and noticed the bones sticking out. The owner was home and I spoke to her. She said "Yes, we noticed too. We are feeding them more"
A week passed....they got thinner.
I spoke to her again. "Yes, I TOLD you were are feeding them more" 
Two weeks passed...they got thinner. Now had she really fed them the right amount for their energy level and metabolism two weeks should have been eough time to see progress in their weight gain, dogs do not mess around. So today I decided to not let them off leash and leash walk them. They try to eat everything on the trail and it's dangerous. 
The male had a bowel movement that was black and the consistency of asphalt....possibly showing intestinal bleeding. I lost it. I called the owner and told her until the dogs had a clear vet check I would no longer walk them. Then I cried for these poor animals
I fed them every treat in my bag. How can people do this to their animals?


hopemcp said...

Call Animal Control, and tell them you're doing that.

The Seattle Times ran a few stories last week, which mentioned that Animal Control put a priority on the responding quickly to animal welfare -- at the expense of human safety due to, for instance, vicious dogs.

But maybe Animal Control will come out quickly, especially on the word of a trainer, and put the owners on notice -- or remove the dogs from them.

PandaBear said...

I agree, this is negligence and constitutes abuse. I don't approve or "raw" diets either. Especially not for animals. That is just disturbing that someone would think that their dog or cat should eat a certain way because THEY feel that it is the best choice for their animal. If the animal could speak it would surely say "STOP FEEDING ME THIS CRAP". I eat mainly vegan, with a vegetarian cheat here and there and I cook chicken for my cats. Because I know if they could talk they would ask for chicken :)

dog grrrrl said...

Unfortunately their thiness is not acute enough yet to merit a visit from animal control. I hate that you have to wait until it is but that's the way it is.

She is a fitness trainer and he is a marathon runner/biker they are both thin to the point of gauntness. I agree panda I hate it when a person thinks because theey do things a certain way their animals should. I met a vegetarian once who had her cat eat vegetarian too. Cats are pure predators with no carb requirement. Dumb

hopemcp said...

Do the dogs have a vet? And maybe a vet appointment in their future. Perhaps the vet can slap them upside the head and tell them they are shortening the lives of their dogs...

You'd think as fitness professionals, they'd make the connection of how many EXTRA calories they consume to achieve. The dogs, too, are athletes and need MORE calories, not less.