Monday, June 30, 2008


A blog about blogging, how interesting?! Well here's the deal my two loyal readers :) You two are so good at this but I can't seem to do the short and sweet. I love to write always have but I can't seem to master this whole thing. Which is why I get maybe one every few days out to your five. Do you suppose it's because of your journalism background?

When I was going through my "who am I" phase I took some journalism classes and couldn't seem to boil it down to who, what, where, when and why. I had long flowery descriptions with lots of adjectives. I did much much better in creative writing. I have a book written in my head complete with chapter headings, character descriptions and plot from beginning to end. It seems like it will be good to me but my process is oh so very long. I have written poetry (no I will never show it) and for a time entertains myself writing song spoofs. I have an absolutely filthy "Night before Christmas"

So it's not that I think I can't write, I'm pretty sure I can. I just can't do it quickly. Any suggestions?


Travis said...

First I was a 'term paper' writer (100 pages)... then I had to become a TV news writer (1-minute, 30-seconds), now I'm a radio writer
(37 seconds)

Each time I've had to reteach myself how to 'edit'... how to be concise. I've grown to love word economy. Now I revise in my head as I go along. The least number of words, each with the maximum punch, for the most precise meaning.

In the past I've made a game out of it...and actually felt a great thrill each time I could cut a word out of a sentence I was revising.

the other pice of advice...think of how you'd tell a story to your friends. Don't try to 'write' just type as if you were talking. Good spoken stories are short, simple, punchy, and fun to listen to... its that kind of conversational style that often makes for a fun read.

but truthfully I enjoy your blog postings...and don't think you really have too much to worry about :)

Melissa said...

I guess I just wish I could be a bit more prolific but I'm working on it