Friday, June 06, 2008

Sex and Sleep

I don't sleep with my boyfriend. I can't.

He has sleep apnea and has to wear a machine to help him breathe. It's really very important for him to wear it every night but it's a little like what I imagine it would be like to sleep with an intensive care patient. No beep....beep...beeep of a heart monitor, but still. It makes him look a bit like a cross between a space alien and a scuba diver. It blows air at me if we are face to face and it is very noisy. He didn't wear it until he got me all sucked into the relationship the trickster :)

He also has ADD. I don't know if anyone knows an adult with this disorder but it makes his brain constantly work at full speed ahead. In order for him to turn off his brain he must have the television on so that he distracts his ever working brain and falls asleep.

Lastly there are the cats... three Persians. Big fluff balls, that like him have a bit trouble breathing so they snort and snore... Throw up and scratch...Meow and fight....jump up and down...alll night.

I need silence and darkness to sleep. So you can see how our sleeping styles are not suited to each other. At first we fought about how to sleep...he couldn't change and neither could I. We agonized over how to solve this terrible problem.

I remembered a friend of a friend who claimed that when you are truly in love you can sleep through anything. Maybe I was waiting for never came. So now I sleep in another room with my dog , with no TV and quiet. I think you can be in love and sleep in the other room.

I do visit quite often :)


Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I agree, Melissa. A lot of AM radio and television people sleep in different rooms because of the schedule differences.

In my case- I stay up until 3am.

Melissa said...

I give it a shot every once in awhile but basically I like to sleep alone. Other things...not as much fun alone :)

Travis said...

I have a snorer in my I now don my earplugs so I can continue sleeping in the same bed.

this is a funny story and well written :) thanks for sharing your blog!

Kristin said...

Melissa - I've read your comments on Eric's blog and I'm glad you opened your blog to us. You are a terrific writer! I also wear earplugs when I sleep at night...thanks to my snoring boyfriend.