Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Hate Flying!!
All my blogger friends are traveling lately and I am painfully jealous. There are so many places that I would like to visit. The problem is I love being there but I hate getting there. I hate to fly.
Let me rephrase that...I hate to sit...still. Actually I am completely incapaple of sitting in one position for any period of time. So in addition to flying I hate movies or anything that requires me to sit still in close proximity to other people that I may annoy. Oh and watching TV in bed flat on my back doesn't either.
Oh I will annoy me. I can't help it. I have broken my tailbone twice. The first time was at Christmas. I had a little home decor store I mananged for about ten years. One day we were very busy and I ran back to use the restroom, flushed and ran back out. About a half hour later I ran back again to the store room to find something and it had flooded. I slipped, fell and broke my tailbone. The next time I was walking down a hill holding a small dog in my arms. I stepped on a wet metal plate on the sidewalk, slipped, fell and broke it again.
The thing about this kind of injury is that there isn't a damn thing you can do about it but treat the pain and try to stay comfortable. They say it healed eventually but I'm left not being able sit in one position for longer than about twenty minutes. I have to shift and change slightly to stay comfortable particularly on hard surfaces.
So planes are hell for me and those sitting next to me. In addition to this malady I am also incapable of sleeping on huh? I took valium on my last flight and it helped a little but I think deep coma would be the best for me and all around me.
But then I'd probably snore:)

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Travis said...

as i get older I dislike flying more and more...though I dont have the same level of misery as you.

and I luckily can sleep on most flights.