Sunday, January 04, 2009

Lola doesn't care Bismarck is blind. He is still her warm fuzzy pillow. Actually he clambered up on the couch and laid down on her head. She didn't turn a hair just laid there and let him get comfy. He is in power wedge mode here in this picture. He likes to smoosh him self in small paces, or Lola's head.
He is doing well. He can find the couch, the litter box and his food. If he gets in a small space by accident like a closet he can take some time getting out :) He can spin a bit trying to find the door but everything I've read says not to help I'm not...mostly. He never runs into things his whiskers warn him before he hits the wall and he turns at the last minute. My Dad was blind too and he could have used some whiskers too:)
We have decided against Chemo. From everything I've read that may delay the Lymphoma getting him but eventually it will get him. He is on steroids for the time being and as long as he eats, sleeps, drinks, uses the litter box and is social we are calling it good. If something changes will reassess the situation.
Lola needs her fuzzy pillow a little longer.

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Travis said...

we love our pets, we do everything can for them to a point. I think you are making the right decision, ease the life continue as long as it is worth the living.

you are a good kitty mommy :)