Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Updating the update
Well I took Bismark to a neurologist in Lynnwood today...recommended by the eye specialist yesterday. He has "Optic Neuritis" an inflammation of the optic nerve. It can be somewhat reversable with Prednisolone treatment but the problem is that it is probably caused by Lymphoma...sigh. So here is the ultimate question to treat or not to treat? The Prednisolone treatment might make everything shrink and give him more months possibly even more years. Or the cancer could figure out how to overcome that drug and come back.
Then there is chemo which could give him 2 to 4 more years but we all know what chemo makes people and cats very sick. The thing this disease probably will eventually get him but which way do we go? He has already had x rays, blood tests, urinalysis, MRI, spinal tap. This would entail a needle biopsy of his eye and a sonograph of his body plus more blood test then chemo. He's the 4000.00 kitty but really Mark has lots it's not an issue. So what do we do?


Neo said...

just let it go, I had a cat die in my arms once, my sweet Achilles, born behind my bed and lived through my divorce, I cried on that cat more than I care to admit,but when his time was up, I had to let him go...
back to his maker, was a sad day but what else could I do

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

As sad as it makes me to say this-- I agree with Neo.

Cats and dogs cannot speak to us about their quality of life. And they are stoic. So often we don't know if they're suffering.

Sometimes these hard decisions must be made by default because we are the protectors of our animal companions.

Tough situation. But, as you know, vet assisted passage is painless and very quick. My dog Moon died in my arms at the vet and it's the way I want to go. One second here-- the next second heaven.

dog grrrrl said...

I agree to an extent...I do NOT agree with doing chemo. BUT they THINK it's lymphoma but need to do all these invasive tests. It could just be an idiopathic case of optic neuritis and the new dose of Prednisolone could clear it up.

I say skip the tests, try the medication and reevaluate in a couple weeks. If it comes down to suffering then we should have him put down I agree. To me blindness is not a good reason by itself.