Sunday, December 07, 2008

So we went round and round this week about the color of our new rooms...the dining room and above the bedroom. He choose taupe...sigh...ahem....groan... I frankly wasn't having it. He painted the bedroom all... taupe. We fought. Now I try really hard to choose my battles in life and let some things go but this one? I couldn't do it. I called it baby poop brown and frankly wasn't spoken to for half a day:) Then I went to Lowe's and after 2 hours and lots of friendly retired lady help came up with four options. This is what he chose for the dining room. I spent all day painting it. The bedroom is green but bluer. He wanted the whole house the same color... I wanted all different colors. The compromise is varying shades of green to match the outside. I think it looks good with the wainscoting and wood ceilings. So the house house will be green except for the bathrooms and a bee yellow room.
Oh and a gratuitous Mt. Si pic :)


Travis said...

I love wainscoting! I think green is a great choice (and a bee yellow room...that reminds me of the houses where I lived as a mom always painted one bathroom the brightest yellow possible...she said because we lived where it rained so much she needed at least one sunny room 365 days a year)

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I love Mount Si. It means a lot to me. I climbed it the day I quit smoking in 1995.