Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby it's Cold Inside!
So as you know we are remodeling the house. Mark needed to move the propane tanks. so he called the propane company and told them to stop delivering so we could use up what was in the tanks and move them. Well they kept trying to deliver. Fortunately the first two times he was here and sent the driver away. Unfortunately the last time they showed up when we weren't here and filled the tanks. They wouldn't take it back (not even sure if that's possible) so we had to use it up again.
Well we did and he called a new company to come out and refill the moved tanks. That was a couple weeks ago and they are scheduled to come today. The thing is it's 19 degrees and they've been low for about three days. So we've had to huddle in one half of the house and use these little electric heaters.
I stayed home today to wait for the propane delivery. I'm so bored! I should be doing things but I can't seem to bring myself to move from the heater. It's 47 inside. I need to shower, clean the bathroom, do dishes...it's 47 inside! Mark very sweetly brought me home new slippers last night...it's 47 inside!
Okay enough of that but one other thing. I never really thought cats were all that trainable. Not dumb just not like dogs. But after about three time the cats now will run from whatever room he's in when the little heater starts up and plant himself in front of it until his fur is hot, funny.


Dan-Eric Slocum said...

Melissa. My cats can hear the *tiny* click of that heater a mile away. Same thing with the food bowl.

Travis said...

holy smokes THAT'S COLD!!!!! I would go to a hotel until things warm back up...oh my gosh!!!!!

Kristin said...

Ugh that does sound frozen. Our propane is running low as well, and we are using mostly electric heaters! I don't think our house is that cold, though.