Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm A dog person Damnit!
Okay kitty isn't renal failure! Whee! but.... it could be cancer. A weight loss of a pound in two months in a 8 pound cat is still severe and needs to be looked into.
Since I am effectively unemployed until the new year I spent today doctoring the cat. I got no love:( At the vet last night we got an appetite stimulant, antibiotics and a force feeding syringe. The appetite suppressant is in pill form so no pill pockets damn it. You can't hide it in food if it's to make them eat!
He ate like a hog last night but again not this morning. So since dehydration is all of our worst enemy I started there. He is allergic to cows milk so he gets goats milk. So every time I went upstairs to where he was I took a small bowl of milk and the syringe. The first time was pretty easy because it was a sneak attack. He never knew what hit him. Mark is a proponent of slow, letting them sniff everything and check it all out. Me I do the sneak attack and get it over with. So I sat down, threw my robe over him (claws...not a fan) cranked his mouth open an squirted in a load of milk.
He was mad and sputtering and making that low menacing growl all you cat folks know about. First time I heard it kind of scared me:) So I managed to get two more syringes in over the next couple of hours until I was cut... I pushed it.
There also was this thing you load the pill in it and then push a plunger to rocket the pill down the hatch. That took both of us. Then Mark worried that I had shot the pill down his wind pipe, pussy :) Then the antibiotic, in and then sprayed out all over the bed. Hopefully this won't be an everyday occurrence forever. I'm not that brave


Neo said...

dog people, cat people, we're all the same, animal lovers. Good news on the one hand, I do feel for you though, having a sick animal is never fun and games.
I have read that milk is bad cats, I never give my cat milk. water is his treat. I was thinking maybe try some gatorade for the dehydration, or that baby stuff pedialite ...I do hope Bismarck gets better.
sneak attack is always the way to go.
(I'm not telling Aries about what the vet is going to do this tuesday)

Melissa said...

Cats like people can be lactose intolerant. In fact the percentage of cats who are lactose intolerant is higher than people...hence the goats milk, no lactose.

I guess the most important thing for cats is to drink and this one always had issues with that which is why they started with the goats milk.

hopemcp said...

I laughed when I read about the cat's low growl. That was the same growl I heard from Bunter before she attacked me and the vet -- and I was on antibiotics for 10 days. Never a dull momet with a ill kitty!