Thursday, December 11, 2008


Ok so one last kitty post (ok maybe not forever) This is my familiar and he isn't doing well. We just got back from the vet and he may be in renal failure....sigh. I've been through that before with a friend's cat and it isn't fun.

About 6 months ago I noticed he had total ass breath. Mark called it "kitty breath" but as far as I was concerned it wasn't normal. It took some convincing but Mark finally took the cat to the vet....

Side thought... isn't it funny how different some are about their critters? There are those (like me) who go at the drop of a hat and those who are more "wait and see". I can't call one wrong and one right because I've met so many of both kinds.

So he went and the cats teeth were bad, very bad, and needed cleaning and extractions to the tune of 975.00...gulp but being a good cat dad he made the appointment. So the blood work came back and he also had an abnormal thyroid to the tune of 925.00!!

Oh crap.

So here's the deal he and his ex-girlfriend share custody of the three cats. It seems to work out she has them six months and then he has them six months. In the past it has seemed to work fine. Okay except for the time when we went out of town and she got pissed, broke in and stole them....along with furniture....and went through my drawers....ummm okay well anyway that's a year ago and it has been working fine. So he was going to take the cat into the thyroid appointment and pay. She would pick him up and take him home (he would be radioactive and we have no doors to segregate him) take him to the dentist and pay. Fine amost even split. Then her brother gets a heart valve virus.

Oh crap.

So the cat comes back to us. So we wait for her to take him (actually all of them back for her six months) back and to the kitty dentist. Nope she doesn't. Meanwhile he loses a pound in two months a lot for a 8 pound creature. So we take him to the vet tonight after we realize his food intake is almost nothing, not really moving, drinking, using the litter box...well you get it. We hoped it was just the teeth pain was causing all his symptoms but no it's probably renal failure.

Oh crap.

Another 475.00 and the beast is ready to kill. Stalking around glaring and eating like a HOG! He was given an appetite stimulant, sub q fluids, xrays, antibiotics and looks raring to go. But I'm afraid of whats to come. The sticking of needles in this sweet (ok really he's an evil killer) cats back. The pain and discomfort. I prolonged a life about twenty years ago snickers

He had congestive heart failure. Coughed like a duck, fainted (funny story there) went to a doggie heart specialist. I loved this dog so much and wanted to put him to sleep but the family didn't agree. I moved out rather than watch his demise...sad. He finally did us the favor of dying in his dog house.

So the teeth are on our plate..again. As well as this latest bill as well as whatever is to come because she is refusing to help pay. I personally think she forfeits her rights to the cats. However I'm against dropping this bomb while her brother is sick at this time of year. I will get behind giving her a chance to say she will help.

What do you think?


Neo said...

sorry to hear Bismark is under the weather. I remember when my Achilles passed away in my arms.

I am a bit taken by this 'shared custody" set up though. I am living with my girl friend and her daughter, when I decided I wanted a cat I made sure that it was "MY" cat, and everyone here is thinking I am so weird but with a cat I feel ownership and I will not give that up. If all goes wrong and we have to split, the cat goes with me.

you do have some lovely cats though, do you have 2 or 3 persians?

Neo said...

I have seen posts with a white persian and Bismark (the grey one) Is he the one that bit off his own tail?

dog grrrrl said...

I know it's weird but they bought them together and were together for a long time..the cats are all over ten. The agreement was in place before me so I try not to complain.

There are 3. No Newton is the one who bit off his tail. Weird beasts.. Two are gray so they can be a bit hard to distinguish

Travis said...

i would let the brother situation calm down...let that sort itself out...then explain the financial issue again. if she still won't help then say...we paid for all of I think the sharing agreement is now off. If she decides to help then fine...if she doesn...take the cats and don't look back.

this is very sad though...I'm also a drop-of-the-hat-vet-goer. Sadie wasn't eating one morning and i freaked out and made an appointment. another time we cut her toe nail too short and it wouldn't stop was the weekend and I made Curtis drive to the doggie ER in south seattle.

the other day we were out and I wasn't totally sure we'd unplugged the rice cooker and then I couldn't get home fast enough because I was so scared the house was going to burn down and Sadie was in her kennel and wouldn't be able to get out or the firemen wouldn't know to go in and rescue her.

dog grrrrl said...

Poor Travis you're like me! Paranoid to the chore when it comes to my creature. You can get stickers for the window to let fireman know there is a creature in the house.

I'm personally torn on that subject because as important as she is to me, she isn't more important than someone's brother, father, son, nephew etc.

Neo said...

if you can't tell I am a lover of cats, have most always had one or 3 in my life. Funny thing too, I am a Leo