Monday, December 29, 2008

Bismarck Update
Well ater al that we thought he was much better. Eating, drinking and all that but last night we noticed his pupils were different sizes and he was kind of staggering around. So after another vet appointment we now know that Bismarck is blind. I have no idea how or why but we will see a kitty opthamologist tomorrow.
My father was blind. So I'm pretty mellow about this news. I know people can be fine blind and animals do much better than we do. My only concern is that we are remodeling and things change around here daily. I don't think that is a good environment for a blind cat. I think we should give him back to his mother...sadly.


Dan-Eric Slocum said...

Melissa. Maybe there's a way to just set up a part of the house -- not being remodeled -- that is a "cat part" of the house.

Just a thought.

Travis said...

Bismark and his people are in our thoughts.