Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lost and Found
There has been an unexpected side effect to living in a house that is being remodeled, I lose things. Nothing really has a permanent place in our home so my belongings are in a constant state of flux. Most of them are still in boxes and plastic crates.
I met Mark in November of 2006 and by the following July he started remodeling the house. I moved all my stuff in last August from a storage unit. The problem is that the rooms are inconstant. What was the bedroom one month is the office the next. He finishes a room and everything that was in that room leaves and goes to a different room. Things that don't belong somewhere are there. For instance for a long time we had the dining room table in the bedroom.
The consequence of this is that no thing has a "place" so if you set something down you run the risk of it disappearing. In order to clean house for a guest or party you cannot put things away in their proper places because there are no proper places. Stuff gets stuffed into the nearest drawer or box never to be seen again. Or a room that was one thing quickly becomes another thing and you lose track of your stuff.
I have lost track of several bras. Strange...why bras? I know they are here because I generally don't take them off outside the home. It's not like I'm at an appointment and just get...comfortable. People tend to frown on that kind of behavior. I've lost probably three or four ear buds for my phone and a couple for my I-pod. Plus twice now the chargers. I have coats I haven't seen for months and shoes that seemingly walked away unassisted. My flatware is missing three spoons, a knife and four forks. Pillowcases, my health insurance information, DVD's and makeup, it's getting more and more frustrating.
We now have two mostly finished rooms, the master bedroom and dining room. I find myself jealously guarding the neatness and state of these rooms. I'm very careful to put everything in the "right" place in these rooms. I do wonder if someday all my lost belongings will finally reappear and I will have five ear buds for my phone and my bras back.

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