Wednesday, March 04, 2009

This post is a good example of why you shouldn't blog when extremely tired:) I read this again this am and coldbarely make sense of it

So Mark believes he is the Wizard of Oz now. He is installing a home automation system. It's really very cool. There will be touch pads in every room of the house controlling lights, heat and music. Different rooms will have different lighting, temperature and music. The system will know when someone walks in a room and turn everything on. Bright for day, dim for night. We will be able access the weather and traffic at a touch before leaving for work.

So cool but he's driving me nuts. He's upstairs right now programming the lights. He's turning the Tv and lights on and off at will. Dimming and brightening at will. One off another on. Tv on and off, loud and soft. He is driving me nuts but I just emailed him in the bedroom and asked him to turn on the lights down here. That's pretty cool:)

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