Tuesday, June 09, 2009

So what do I do?
I'm having a bit of a conundrum about these shoes. Here is the story...
About a month ago I got a package delivered by UPS. It wasn't mine. See I had a PO Box when I lived in the crazy lady's house in Preston. So the person who now has the box ordered ink for his printer to the box but UPS doesn't deliver to PO boxes. So since I had a forward on the box they sent it to me.
At first I didn't notice it was UPS so I took it to the post office, they wouldn't take it even though I was in the post office where the box was located. So then I went to the place you can drop off UPS packages, they wouldn't take it. They said the driver wouldn't take it and I had to call for a pick up or just keep it.
So I went home and tried to google this guy and found his facebook page. I figured if he lives close I'd go give him his ink. I gave him a day or two to respond. He didn't. So I went to UPS with the plan of explaining the situation and if they refused I was going to throw the box at them and run away! I was spending way too much time trying to do a good thing. I explained, the clerk seemed to understand and I left the box.
Two weeks later it was back on my doorstep. So this time I opened it trying to find maybe a phone number, nothing. So I called Kodak and explained the situation. They put me on hold for so long I got irritated and hung up. I decided to give up and wait and see if UPS came looking for it.
That night the guy emailed me from my email to him on Facebook and asked if I still had the ink. I said yes and since I was passing by his work the next day I agreed to drop off the ink. The next day I did. He was very sweet and gave me a bag from his work (report shoes), an umbrella and some other stuff. When I looked in the bag there was a letter from him offering me a pair of shoes for being so nice. I looked at the website and boy I wanted these shoes, totally cute.
But I turned him down explaining that it wasn't necessary. He insisted as I frankly hoped he would. I picked out the above shoes and picked them up. Truthfully I felt a little uncomfortable taking them because I feel his gift to me was out of proportion with what I did for him but pleased with the shoes.
Here's the rub...they don't fit. Every shoe in my closet is an 8.5 but they don't fit. I was disappointed, I like the shoes. Mark says to call him but I feel weird about making him work more on something he didn't have to do.
What would you all do? I don't think I can call but before I tried them on I sent him an email thanking him again. If he responds and asks if I like them I may tell him then but I don't think I can call. Is that weird?


Travis said...

I'd feel exactly the same way. I hate making a big deal out of something like this. I'd rather keep the shoes that don't fit then actually do anything about it.

BUT that said..as an outside the right thing to do I would say IS to actually call or email him and say they dont fit. If I were the one who had given you the shoes and you told me they didn't fit, I'd gladly want to help you find shoes that do fit. the whole point in giving them to you was as a thank you for all that you did for me...and I would hate to think you couldn't wear the shoes.

So go for it...let him know...see if you can get a new pair that fits.

hopemcp said...

I would no doubt put the shoes in the next Services for the Blind pick-up pile.

Being of Midwestern stock, I'd figure why make waves when ignoring an issue works so well?

Not saying this is what you would do, but I'm pretty sure this would be my M.O.

dog grrrrl said...

I'm thinking of selling them on ebay and then buying the right size. I want these shoes!!

Michele Chastain said...

I would probably do the ebay thing. Of course my first reaction was to tell you to just let the guy know, but I know I would not be able to do that myself.
They are freakin adorable shoes!!

PandaBear said...

How "too big" are they? I wear size 6's all the time if I can't find my size (4). But if you can't stand tripping all the time like I do the best bet is ebay them and buy yourself the size you need/want.

Lisa said...

OK first of all....the shoes are totally cute.

Secondly, I'm sure you would think of the nice words to say to ask him for another size. He deals with that sort of thing all the time, and these shoes cost him nowhere near retail.

dog grrrrl said...

Well I'm a bad blogger so this happened awhile ago and I gave the shoes to my neighbor. She cuts my hair and Marks. So I got two haircuts and a color out of the shoes. She Loves them! Her joy was worth it