Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I took my dog Lola to the vet last week for her yearly shots and check up. I always swore I would never buy a dog from a pet store, but I did. I saw an ad in the paper four years ago when I was thinking about getting a new dog, it was for a Schnoodle. I had no idea what that was so I called. The woman who answered the phone told me she sold the dog but that she had seen one at her local pet store. So off I went to look.

She weighed all of four pounds and was in a cage with a Weiner dog. She trembled, was so shy, and just didn't interact with me much at all. She was the cutest thing I had ever seen. I knew I didn't want a dog that shy, so I left her there. The next week I went back. She was a little bit better but still very shy and thin (I think Mr Weiner was hogging all the food, typical) so I left again. The next week I went again and she greeted me with a big lick, I was hooked. She left with me.

Since then she has had to have knee surgery and extra teeth removed. She has severe food allergies, chronic gastritis, goopy eyes, ear infections, and the dryest skin I have ever seen.

That brings me back to our vet appoinment. He looked at her and we got talking about her dry skin. He suggested that I try fish oil. Now I had tried that for myself for health reasons (not being a big fish fan) and was horrified to find myself smelling like a mackrel. For that reason I no longer take fish oil. I asked him about that and he said that's why he recommends a particular type of capsule, no smell. Great so I spent 20.00 for the supplement trusting my fabulous vets opinion.

We all know dogs can smell pretty bad sometimes. Well this morning I realized my smelly dog had a new odor, fish! Not only did she smell like dog but dog who had been rolling around with a big old salmon. So I called the vet and told him that now not only is my dry skinned dog scaly she smells fishy too.

My doggie of the sea is getting a good bath....

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Hope McP said...

To help horses' coats, we'd put about 1/4 cup of corn oil in their grain every day. It worked well, and I never felt like I was riding a four-legged corn on the cob. Maybe that kind of oil would help, Lola?