Saturday, September 03, 2005


I used to work in a Home Decor store. Stuff meant a lot to me. I would do all the buying for the store and it was like Christmas with someone else's money. I have Christmas ornaments that all told probably are worth thousands. I have a lot of stuff.

Now I'm trying to start my own business and it's hard. I sit in my room and contemplate my stuff. It means nothing to me now. All I see are all those dollars I could use now to put towards advertising or supplies or just basic living expenses now that my standard of living is taken a HUGE downward turn. Everyday I consider selling it all. I don't need any of it. That cute candle holder, it irritates me that it's there. The oh so adorable musical waterball with the kissing fish and the glitter that falls when I shake it? What the hell was I thinking? I want it all out gone and I want my money back!

This whole thing with hurricane Katrina has me thinking about it even more. Those people had stuff too and now it's gone. Not sold like I intend to do but gone. They are starting over with nothing. I would never want to be forced in a situation like that it's horrible, but the thought of a totally blank slate appeals to me. My stuff is closing in on me. I talk almost daily about making a change, moving somewhere new. Maybe it's about time I did it. Or just have that garage sale and get rid of some of this crap!!

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