Monday, September 05, 2005


I just recently had a "Doggie Social" to try and build up my business and it went very well except for one thing... My roommates were there with a camera. They just emailed the results to me and I'm not happy. For one thing dog photography is an art, you have to work hard get them when they are still. So none of the pictures really came out. The other thing that doesn't make me happy is...there are pictures of me. Dear Lord I look like my mother.

I got old and matronly when I wasn't looking. I hate these pictures...HATE THEM. I have a man in my life who shall remain nameless (see hon told ya) and he tells me I'm cute and sexy all the time. Most of the time I believe him. He sees something that is still there. So okay maybe it was just a bad shot..wait there are like ten shots...and I hate them all. What's really funny is that she doesn't appear in my mirror, this woman, only in photographs. Hmmmmmm, where did she come from?

I recently quit smoking (in the last 7 months) and went on the pill. Neither one of those things are doing anything for my girlish (HA) figure, but I'll be damned if I give in to this mother thing.
I called a friend of mine last night who is always a source of good thoughts for me. He usually can always build me up. This time he said " you think that's bad, wait until you're forty" Noooooooo, I won't do it, I won't believe it, I won't accept it. I don't want to be my mother or look like her yet. She's not unattractive by any means I'm just not ready

What about Demi Moore and Michelle Pfeffier? They aren't you, oh..... better genes maybe? Better plastic surgeon? Whatever I WILL NOT give in to this. So starting as of two days ago I have decided to fight it, rail against everything I can. My former "good thoughts" friend told me to give up (he's not really former I'm just ticked at him) but I'm just getting started. Read this and believe me I am just getting started and I am going to make that matronly woman in the picture go least until I'm 70 or so.

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