Sunday, November 16, 2008

I have an overabundance of it. I can really feel others pain so keenly that I can't cope sometimes. It's also the reason why I end up taking in human strays and get myself in trouble for it It has gotten to the point that I have to be careful about getting involved in others problems.things that aren't my problem can still keep me up at night...haunt me.
Mark is the opposite. I think he missed the empathy line somehow. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating slightly but where I got too much he seems to have received too little. It may be a man thing but sometimes he seems not to care when something is wrong...wants me to "get over it" quickly. Now he will do anything to help me make a plan to do so but really can't emotionally talk about it.
So he pisses me off. I wish I could get to him feel whatever I'm feeling sometimes so that he'd understand. One of our constant fights is that when we go to be he immediately becomes a brick and I have to "get comfortable". Now I wish I could immediately become comatose but this is my sleep pattern for 41 years and I can't change it for him. I broke my tailbone twice (I don't recommend it), have arthritis in one toe and plantar faciitis in the other foot. Sometimes comfort takes me awhile. Evil as this might sound I wish I coud zap him with my pain for one night so maybe just maybe he'd understand.
Evil me but sigh he can be such a big butthead sometimes.
Like tonight..can you tell?

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Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I don't think my last comment came through.

Basically, I loved this post.

I am a BRICK.

Thirty seconds after my head hits the pillow, I'm a corpse.