Thursday, November 20, 2008


Okay so I've talked about Newton before. He is our "special needs" cat. Chewed off several inches of his own tail thinking it was an attacker. He's sweet. Everyone loves him. I could take him out on a leash and he would be perfectly happy to say hello to any and all. He's big, not so much in weight but in space occupied.

He has some quirks. One is the arch and run. He all of sudden will decide he has an appointment in the other room, arch up like a Halloween kitty and run sideways into the next room. He startles everyone when he does this... including the dog. Lola considers him to be competition, I think. Bismarck is her cuddle friend. Aknot is a little scary but Newton needs to be watched. She will rush to her bones if he passes too quickly. Growl if he jumps too near...he blunders into her frequently.
So last night Mark was working on the new dining room. He had one of those big portable lights on a stand that you use working on construction. Lola was in the room with him sniffing all the smells of a new room. They both cast long shadows when they passed the light. Suddenly Newton careened into the room. Apparently he had spied Lola's shadow and decided to attack it. He rushed across the floor straight at her, paws scrabbling against the wood floor. Lola saw him coming and tried to get out of the way but that only made the shadow move and Newton try harder. He attacked again and Lola snarled not quite sure what the heck was going on.
We laughed and separated the two, putting Newton back in the other room. A few seconds later Newton lurched back sideways into the room resuming his cat blitz on the offending shadow. Lola didn't know what to do, tried her best to be diplomatic and dodge the cat bullet but Newton was determined. Finally Newton forgot what he was doing a scampered back into the other room. Boy do I wish I'd had my video camera


Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I could just sit and watch my animal friends all freakin' day long.

They are ENDLESSLY fascinating to me.

Neo said...

that sound absolutely histerical. ya gotta love the way pets interact

Travis said...

hehehe, agreed. pets are such wonderful additions to our lives...I love stories like this :)