Thursday, April 02, 2009


Mark is close to being done with the new upstairs bathroom. We can now take civilized showers. I am completely impressed with all that he has done so I had to post a video and show off his work. I hae to say I have never had a shower this luxurious before and I don't now how I will eer go back


Neo said...

reminds me of back, early 90's think it was I just wanted a new sink, replace the vanity with a pedestal, and redo the floor, I ended up installing a new bathroom, the floor was water damaged all through. wow what a mess and what a project, took most of a week and cost over a thousand bucks

Travis said...

looks fantastic! I love the personalized control panel. Like the presetting in the car..that remember where you want your seat, mirrors, heater, stereo etc.