Saturday, February 14, 2009

I haven't really talked about this cat in my blog. He hasn't been sick, he isn't very social and he isn't weird like the others.
However he's being very funny lately. He is a Lavender point Himalayan. A beautiful cat. He is Mark's cat through and through. Lola and I have been here about two and a half years and it's been difficult with Aknot. Oh by the way Aknot is a character from "the Fifth Element" if you're wondering. He would prefer if we left. He tolerates me and abhores the dog.
At first he would NOT come downstairs. Lola has bad knees and won't climb wooden steps. He figured that out quickly and stayed up there. Then the other two cats came to stay and made friends with Lola. It was then he decided he would come down and check things out. We think one night we were out and he and Lola had a "chat". She used to chase him and no longer does. That"chat" may have involved claws. Since they have settled into an uneasy truce. He does, however, assert his dominance every once in awhile by whacking her out of the blue. You'll hear a "yip" from the other room and Aknot will stalk slowly into view followed by a cowering Lola. Whatever works.
But now he's decided I need to be put in my place. See lately Mark and I have been having some spirited debates... Socialism, Abortion, Obama etc. On a lot of issues we are on opposite sides. We tend to "discuss" loudly. The day we were having our Abortion debate Aknot jumped up on the armrest of the couch and was meowing rather loudly. I turned to see what he wanted and to pet him. He bit me. No punctures, no pressure just teeth on skin. Mark laughed and picked him up to cuddle him.
"Wait, you are reinforcing bad behavior" I said. To which he said"I know" and smiled. Later that night, in bed, he did it again. The cat, not Mark. Mark thinks he's protecting him and that it's hysterically funny. Hmmmm, I'm not so sure. How would he feel if it were a dog biting him? He says he feel the same if it were delivered with the same intensity, amused.
So now if anyone's voice gets raised that damn cat jumps on my armrest and starts up with his"warning" meowing. I leap off the couch and Mark laughs. Yeah very funny


Kristin said...

Wow that cat looks a LOT like mine, but their faces are different. I bet my cat is some sort of lilac point...either Himalayan or Siamese. Aknot is a beautiful cat!

dog grrrrl said...

I noticed that when you posted a picture. Maybe a Lilac point mix? She has a nose, unlike Aknot. Good thing for you...never thought I'd have to wipe cats noses:)