Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I've talked a lot about the remodel of this house but not about the way the house once was. Apparently it started off its life as a fishing cabin. The first picture above shows what that part of the house looked like. One room cabin with a wood stove, a bathroom, and a loft for sleeping. We are right above the river so it was once an isolated spot for river fishing.

Then according to the neighbors a woman with ten children lived here...holy moly. I don't know how. The house was built in the 40's and was about 800 square feet. They must have been packed in here like sardines. In the 70's someone added another 700 square feet. Whoever did it did so in a very haphazard way. They basically slapped another house up next to it with another loft and staircase. The left exterior windows up either looking at a wall or looking out into the space below. You couldn't get from one loft to the other without going down one staircase and up another. You can see it in the first picture of the house before.

So Mark started the remodel and put a new floor in below the windows, broke through the two sides and took out the spiral staircase. He had never washed those windows between the two sides...too high. What we found when we got up to their level 30 years after the remodel was someones face pressed into the glass. You can see it in the third picture.

I haven't washed it off. I wonder who it was? Are they still alive? Who were they pressing their face up to? Did that person laugh? Sometime that wall of windows will become merely a wall and the long ago face will be gone. Until then I'm going to leave it up and wonder about this person who made the funny face


dog grrrrl said...

I can't get that last paragraph to be normal, sorry :)

Travis said...

wow, I am so excited to see all this first hand!!!