Thursday, February 19, 2009

CPAP Machine
This is how I know I'm nuts about Mark. I put up with this machine. I'm not saying he doesn't put up with whole world of stuff with me too...but this thing is a pain.

Let me clear...he has to put up with much more wearing this thing to bed. I would never sleep if it were me. Still it's a pain. He has sleep apnea and has to wear this mask thingie to sleep every night. If he doesn't, he could die. I think it's called obstructive sleep apnea. When he's sleeping his soft palate relaxes, slides backwards and blocks his airway. I've heard him stop breathing and it scares me. So I participate in this night time ritual.

After two years I have a routine to getting this damn thing on him. I have to wait for him to snore and then gently say "it's time to put your mask on". At this point he turns into a ten year old boy and fights me. It's not really his fault because he's pretty much asleep at this point. I have to wait for that moment when he can still move and put the damned thing on but is sleepy enough to not be annoyed by it. So he refuses, usually he says something like "you put it on" and I wait for him to snore again.

I tell him again to put on the mask. Usually at this point he complies and puts it on but some nights I have to wait for the third snore...sigh. I can't ever fall asleep first. It happens once in awhile but then he feels like poo the next day and I just can't tolerate that either. I wonder how any times he stopped breathing? So the very next night I fight with his inner ten year old boy.

Because I love him

But God I hate that mask


Travis said...

I know several ppl who sleep with these, but I've always been curious: why isn't there a surgery to correct this? It seems like a simple problem, that should have a simple surgery?

Melissa said...

There is one surgery where they laser off part of the soft palate but apparently it isn't very effective. The only surgery that does work involves breaking and repositioning the jaw. It could drastically change his facial appearance. Not something he or I wants.

Kristin said...

Wow wearing that thing must be a burden, I can't imagine sleeping with it. But sooo nice of you to put it on every night! Why do you wait until he falls asleep? I'm guessing its easier for him to fall asleep without it on, then can just drift off once its on.

dog grrrrl said...

If he tries to put it on while he still mostly awake he can't go to sleep. But if I leave him to his own devices (I'm not a saint sometimes I do)he will simply fall asleep and not wear it.

I've heard him stop breathing, especially when we were at a high altitude on vacation, and it's pretty scary. So I do it;0

Joe said...
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