Saturday, February 14, 2009

My funny, irritating, sexy, annoying, smart, frustrating Valentine
I woke up this morning to dishes crashing around in the kitchen. Hmmm strange Mark doesn't touch dishes. See we have a pretty traditional household when it comes to the division of labor. He does all outside, house repairs, yard work, money making. My part is everything else. I do the dishes, make dinner, shop, clean, do laundry. I'm working part time at best at the moment. So this works for us.
So when it was obvious the dishes were being washed. I had to get up and see what that was all about. I spoiled a surprise. He decided to bring me breakfast in bed this Valentine morning and didn't want me to see the dishes when I did get up. Breakfast was fruit, coffee and an english muffin fashioned into a big smiley face.
Note to self...the very next time he bugs the crap out of you? Remember that smiley face;)

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