Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Big Scary Water Dish

Before I made the change to dog trainer I was a retail manager. Now I wasn't supposed to take my pup to work with me but I did. She would hang out behind the counter of the store I worked in and greet "her" customers. She was with me 24-7. Now since I changed jobs she has had to spend more time home alone.

We've had a long period of time here in the Northwest with hot weather, 80's and 90's, that's hot for us. I've come home several times in these last few weeks to find a completely dry water bowl... I felt like a bad mother. So I went to a local pet store and bought her a new water dish. You know the ones...they look like the kind of water bottles you see in offices? With the big blue bottle? I brought it home a couple of days ago.

The only tile floor I have is in the bathroom so she eats and drinks in there. She has a knee injury so she doesn't like slippery floors so her dish is kind of blocking the doorway. I filled the bottle and put it down. The bottle drains out to a certain level in a little dish, great! So there you go pooch, have at it. She walks up sniffs, takes a big long drink and I think all is good my dog won't dry up and blow away. Then comes...the bubble. You know how those big water bottles make the bloop sound and a big bubble rises to the top? Same thing with the little ones. Well my pup shot across the room and under the bed at the sight and sound. Crap! So I spent another day coaxing her to use the dish..all went well for awhile. Then...another bloop and under the bed she went.

So now I have no idea if she's drinking out of the damn thing. She has a couple of times all stretched out practically flat with her body as far away as possible. She will only go into the bathroom by pressing her little body up against the doorjamb to avoid getting near it and once she's in there? She lays down on the bath mat and growls at it. Sigh, all I'm trying to do is be a good dogmother:)

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Hope McP said...

Make sure to pinch Miss L's skin to watch for signs of dehydration. If her skin doesn't snap back, call the vet asap. ;-