Thursday, August 25, 2005

Things I want to do before I'm forty (but probably won't)

Have someone say to me "you're too thin, you need to gain some weight"
Have a body I can put in a bikini
Move to a new city
Make a living off my own business
Go to Hong Kong, Africa and Italy
Write a book (about what I don't know)
Sing in front of a crowd unselfconsciously
Find a man who...
-Likes me as much twenty years from now as he did in the first twenty days
-Is strong enough to deal with me (ignores my loony periods)
-Sends me flowers
-Is actually good at gift giving (money not the issue, thoughtfulness is what it's all about)
-Doesn't snore
-Loves my dog
-Likes me to cook but will take me out sometimes
-Reads as much as I do
-Takes my side every time, even when I'm wrong
-Thinks I'm beautiful and tells me so
Ahhh how did this end up about men? I like to pretend they aren't important but alas they are. He may be right in front of me, who knows? That and the bikini body:)

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