Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hi Travis! I tried to get a video of Lola doing her thing in the sand on a soccer field. She only went partially insane and the wobbly camera will probably make you sick...but I tried. The other dog is the little aggressive guy I posted about before :) Just for perspective Lola is only about 20 pounds so you can see how tiny the other dog is, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

seriously...that is hilarious to me. My dad actually shot some video of Sadie and the sandpile and its a very similar reaction as Miss Lola's.

I wonder what it is about the sand that makes them go so crazy? Have you taken Lola to a sandy beach?

Thanks for posting this!!! I love it


Melissa said...

You I don't know why they go so insane. Lola has been to Ocean Shores and went cuckoo there too. We have a sandy bit of beach here so if you bring Sadie to the BBQ they can go crazy together.

Travis said...

Sadie will be in tow for sure! and she'll love the sand