Friday, August 08, 2008

A Poll

So we were having one of those nonsensical conversations again and Mark suggested a poll.

What religion is your cat or dog?

Lola is a Wiccan...she likes to frolic naked in nature.

Bismarck and Newton are Muslim...Persian don't you know.

Aknot is a Buddist...a Himalayan.


Dan-Eric Slocum said...

Bozo is Jewish like his dad. Jett is a tolerant agnostic. And Midge is an extremist HARD CORE. Praying constantly. Get over it, Midge.

Travis said...

Sadie is the child of two gay men....she's a total optimist, but doesn't like to be left alone. She's also very smart, but looking for someone she can put her total faith in.

So...I'm gonna say protestant Christian, but not evangelical... so how about liberal presbyterian? or maybe unitarian? (If she were a little more formal I'd say episcopalian)

Melissa said...

What about Watson? Even if his dad doesn't participate here surely you know??