Saturday, August 23, 2008

So I got my money back on Friday! Here's what happened...
I sent that last email with no hope that the fifth time would be the charm. But then Thursday night got a phone all from her. As per usual I ignored it. I haven't been taking her calls because I haven't been confident I could not yell and scream. I figured the best way to resolve this was to not stoop to her level. So I ignored the call.
She didn't leave a message but a few minutes later I got a text asking me to come to her house and get the check. Obviously she again hadn't mailed it when she said she would. She said she wanted to make sure I got it and get a receipt from me. I told her there was no way I was going out of my way for her and if she wanted to give me the check she would have to bring it to me.
She asked where and after a few minutes of back and forth we arranged a meeting place close to my house but not at my house (like I want her to know where I live!)
So having a while I took a shower but then I had second thoughts. First of all she says it's a cashiers check but do I know how to recognize a forgery? Second if it is a forgery, I gave her a receipt. How would that play out in court? She could say I had taken her money and run.
So I texted back, said I'd changed my mind and would only accept cash. So I agreed to meet her at her bank Friday at noon to cash the check. She was mad but agreed.
The next day I got there a little early. She texted and said she'd be late. I told her I would give her ten minutes and then I was leaving. That worried her I think and she texted me every turn she took from her house until she called from her car. She was finally there.
I met her in the parking lot. I moved in there in January and she was a bit of a drunk but kind of normal. Now she had her stripper tits (sorry no other way to describe them) on full display in a hot pink short tank top, short shorts and new butt length skanky extensions. Biting my tongue I followed her in. She gave me a constant string of excuses...I said nothing. She handed me the check... I said nothing. We walked to the counter...I said nothing. I got my money (plus court costs)...I said nothing, didn't give her a receipt and walked out the door.
I never have to deal with that creature again. But I am considering reporting the house to the Health Department...too mean?


Travis said...


what, what a nightmare.

Its not too mean to report it to the health dept so that someone else doesn't fall into the same trap you did. Unless of course this means MORE of her nightmare...if it does, then its not worth your effort.


Dan-Eric Slocum said...