Monday, August 25, 2008

My Sister (or how I tortured her)
Travis your post made me think of all the things I did to my sister growing up. I am the younger she the older by three years but I am a bit more of an outgoing adventurous type. She is careful and guarded. Thus, I could torture the shit out of her.
She always seemed so worried about things. So I would gleefully pick out those things and bug her...endlessly. I'm a little ashamed at this point but at the same time I still do it. It's like if I know she won't approve or will painfully disapprove I will go to extremes to point it out to her. She was a Girl Scout I made a point of being a Blue Bird. If she loved a song I hated it. I have no idea why I made it my mission in life to be different but I did.
She doesn't like heights and I remember as a child going up into the mountains and hanging over edges."Look Laurie" and then practically dangling by my fingertips from the side of the road til she was blue with worry. Just mean.
My favorite memory amazes me. I was less then ten (I know this from the memory of the rooms we had) and had a unbelievable commitment to this prank. We had a small gray mouse toy. You know the kind that looks just like a mouse and is covered in gray rabbit fur. I tried to find a picture but it looked more like a mouse than the above picture. She hated it. Couldn't have it touching her and screamed if it did. My mother repeatedly told me to throw it away or threw it away herself. I would dig it out every time. My favorite thing to do with this toy was hide it in my sister's room. In a pocket of her robe, behind a book in her bookcase, in a shoe... wherever I could think to put it and then wait for the inevitable scream (my room was next to hers). What I find amazing about this now is that I had the patience to wait for the payoff at ten. It sometimes was immediately but sometimes it was days even weeks before my mom would come storming into my room yelling about being mean to my sister...
I always thought I was such a bratty hideous child that tortured my unassuming sister until recently. We were talking about my mouse trick and they asked if I remembered being frightened at Washelli cemetary in Seattle or at Spirit Lake as a kid. Well sure I thought the bodies were coming out of the ground (a sprinkler system was being put in) at the cemetary and Jaws was in the lake. Well who do you think told you that?
Ahhhhhhhhh, touche sister touche :)

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Travis said...


my sister and I had a love/hate relationship growing up. she certainly did everything she could to torture me and I would return the favor.

yet she was also one of my best friends and to this day we are close.

funny how that works. great story :) hahaha.