Thursday, August 21, 2008

Okay I probably should give this landlord thing a rest and blog about something else, right? So this will be the last one until the court date or if by some miracle we settle. Sooo,

I wrote her one last email in fit of rage...

Here is my address one more time PO Box --- Preston, Wa 98050

I’m not really sure why you have now told me you will mail this four times. What kind of game you are playing with me. I am NOT playing. By now you know I filed in small claims court. You have no right to continue to keep this money. Do not call or text or write me again telling me you are sending this money. I will consider dropping it if I get it but I will not tolerate being played with. So knock it off. Last minute won’t work either….soon as in a day or two is the only acceptable action on your part. Done playing, overnight it if need be but quit f’ing with me.

and received this...

i have a money order I pulled out over a week ago. i am mailing it today. you will see the date on it. the check was in my car. i have not been around much and busy with the business divorse and kids. its been difficult, but no intentions of not paying you. i would have droped it off but I dont know where you live.


Hee hee I kind of am asking for this aren't I? I have a hard time with the last word...I like to have it. Sigh. What I don't understand is why she keeps saying that she's sending it? Does she think I will say "Oh gosh that's great let me drop this case now"? And of course she doesn't know where I live, sheesh. Would I want that train wreck showing up here?

Sigh sigh

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Dan-Eric Slocum said...

Let Judge Wapner get ahold of this witch.