Monday, July 14, 2008

Cats Everywhere
I'm sorry I'm just not a cat person. The thing is my boyfriend really really is. How did I end up in such a predictament? The one before the one now was a dog trainer, that was fabulous! Unfortunately that was not meant to be and this one is fabulous in his own right....tall, good-looking (don't take the hang-gliding picture as proof) and oh so smart.... but he is a
Cat person...
How did this happen? I take issue with all things cat. I don't like the whole litter box thing. Seriously a box of poo in the house? Yeuw!! We discussed it and I said I will do this this and this as long as I don't have to touch that thing and it was agreed...but his nose sucks and he never remembers and I end up nagging. I hate nagging but a full box of poo? Worse than a halfway full one by far. Plus it isn't really contained to the box. There is usually a trail of litter from the box out the laundry door.
Then there are the hair balls, omigod deeegusting. I read somewhere that Persians have up to 240 miles of hair on their bodies. Well I am here to tell you it's true. You can wake in the middle of the night to hear any one of the three coughing up a long roll of hair. At first I though it was an errant poop but was told it's "just hair" as if that makes it better. I've stepped in many a hairball mess and it's cold and wet and you never know where it will be. The noise they make is awful. But hey the hair is everywhere so how can they help it.
I also take issue with the "ninja cat" behavior. I can be peacefully sleeping and since there are no doors on the house " ninja cat" will leap on my face. The other night I was awoken at 2:30 am with a claw in my boob. Apparently the little beast needed some traction and pulled himself my boob. Rather shocking at that hour. The dog we leave downstairs and she stays, the cats seem to be everywhere all at once.
We have three because he is babysitting two for the ex at the moment. Apparently she has some issue in her life at the moment so that caring or her beasts is difficult at the moment. I know he loves the cats but I will be very glad when there is just one not three and doors :)


Travis said...

I'm so grateful for my allergy. my advice to you Melissa: develop one for yourself and fast ;)

Melissa said...

and make him get rid of the cats?! It can't be done and I wouldn't ask because if I had to make a choice between him and Lola I'd have to really think about it.....sorry but it's true (and no he doesn't read this:)

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I'm going to get you a cat for Christmas.

You can have my cat Bozo and listen to him meow 24/7.

The cat never shuts up! EVER.

But I love him.