Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I got a new client today. She is a heiress of some sort. Again Uber moola, yay me! I must say rich people are weird!

I Imapped it before I went over just to take a little looksie on how much I should charge the (yes, I do that! It's my "platinum" package damnit) and knew it was going to a be wingdinger and for sure it was. Owned by her "Trust" deeded to her in a settlement.

As we walked the property I looked over to the side a saw a turret. I said rather stupidly "oh you have a turret" She said "Yes, we saw them all over Europe and thought they looked so great we decided we had to have one that used to be the carport"



Travis said...

they saw a turret in europe and decided they had to have one?




I saw a scarf in Dublin and decided I had to have it...umm...not comparable.

Melissa said...

Yeah but oh so freakin' weird. But to be honest there are about 6 "towers" in Medina in different shapes and uses. I guess the rich folks like towers for some reason. Maybe so they can survey us little people? :)

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

Melissa, you've obviously not seen our mansion.

Melissa said...

Have too! Once right after you moved in, very cute.