Friday, July 04, 2008

I Be Old!!

Well I turned 41 yesterday and went out with a small group of friends (smaller than I thought, ahem, what no Happy Birthday even?) and I'm not what I used to be.

I had a roommate from about 22 to 27 and we used to party! About 6 days a week we would spend about an hour playing tequila Yahtzee. The rules left with a good portion of my brain cells but it involved drinking about a pint of tequila every night in our prefunction portion of the evening. Then we would spend about two hours showering and primping, all the while finishing off that bottle, only to go out and spending another three or four hours drinking much more. Then the hangover cure the next day which was lots of crappy McDonald's food.

We had several bars we would go to; Papagayo's, Black Angus, Charlie's and some Irish name I can't remember now. I drank a lot....a whole lot and did stupid stupid things. I can honestly say I wasn't sober every time I drove and I wasn't as discerning in my..ummm..ahhhhh..."relationship choices" as I should have been. I'm honestly quite horrified at the way I behaved when I think back.

I guess I don't have the alcoholic issues buried in my genetic makeup, fortunately. As it happened this roommate and I parted company when I was 27 and for a time I continued the heavy drinking. Well a very short time. All of a sudden I realized that drinking tequila by myself just wasn't fun, so I stopped. I still drank with friends, sometimes a lot but eventually after realizing I felt like poop for days after, I stopped that too. Now I stop at two glasses of wine. One while making dinner, one while eating.

But last night I had two glasses of wine before we left and three Pomegranate Martini's with dinner and today I'm so tired I can barely function. I used to drink all that six days a week and go to work! I guess the eventual inability to tolerate all that partying is nature's way of telling all of us it's time to stop and be an adult. Most of us listen I think but some don't and get themselves into trouble, that's sad. I'm glad I did......most of the time :)

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Travis said...

amen sister....happy belated birthday!

I too had a 'wild youth' ... in college particularly, but also 23, 24, 25 when I lived in Yakima and drove every weekend to Seattle to go out with my friends.

Ive had wild night since (no doubt about it) but the frequency has grown less and its pretty rare that I get really hammered. Last weekend was definately the exception...and I paid for it dearly.

I too am glad the 'alcoholic' gene isn't in my background.