Friday, July 18, 2008

Landlord Update

Okay so I sent the ltter to my landlord demanding my money back here it is....

This letter is to inform you of my demand that my deposit of 1000.00 be returned by June 27th 2008. It may be mailed to PO Box $@# Preston, Wa 98050. Please limit any and all communication with me to mail or by email and refrain from contacting me by phone.
According to Washington State Landlord Tenant Act
If a deposit or nonrefundable fee is charged, the lease or rental agreement must be in writing, and must include the terms and conditions under which any deposit will be returned. A deposit cannot be withheld for normal wear and tear. If a tenant pays a deposit, the landlord must provide a document describing the condition of the rental unit. The landlord is required to keep deposits in a trust account, and must also provide the tenant with a receipt and the name and address of the depository. Any interest earned on a deposit belongs to the landlord.
The landlord has 14 days after a tenant moves out to return a deposit, or give a written explanation of why it (or any part of it) was not refunded. If a landlord does not comply, the full amount of the deposit must be refunded to the tenant, regardless of any claims by the landlord that the tenant is not entitled to a refund.
If the tenant takes the landlord to court, and it is ruled that the landlord intentionally did not give the statement or return the money, the court can award the tenant up to twice the amount of the deposit.
I did not receive any such explanation nor did I receive my deposit back so I am entitled to the full amount. I moved out on May 31st and did not receive a letter postmarked as of June 15th. Please give this your full and quick attention. Let me be clear, ignoring me will not make this matter go away. I will pursue this matter until I receive my deposit back.


To which on July 9th I recieved this response...

I received you letter TODAY. So sorry that you have not received it. I took care of the problem, and wasn't planing on any charges to you. I made a check and posted it to be mailed while I was out of town. I'm guessing that you didn't get it.

I can mail it on Friday or you can pick it up? let me know. But FYI it is for $800. I will provide a copy of the agrement if that would help. there was a nonrefundable $100 cleaning charge and nonrefundable pet deposit of $100 as well.

Thank you,


I sent this response...

Please mail it.


and she said...

not a problem. I will inclose a copy of the retention, ok. Sorry about this, it is all my fault not paying attention. Mean no harm. I hope no hard feelings...

And as of today...nothing. So I've emailed her a texted her and I called her soon to be ex husband who knows nothing. So my last email is this...

This has taken long enough. If I do not receive the money you owe me by Monday the 21st I will file in small claims court. At that point there will be court costs and you will owe me more. I suggest you give this your immediate attention. I have been very understanding for the past 6 months but my patience is gone. Pay me what you owe me now. Once I file I will not withdraw my complaint only to lose money.


So what do you all think?


Dan-Eric Slocum said...

Good God.

Scammer. I say keep at it until you get your money back.

Melissa said...

Yeah I decided to call the suggested mediator monday. The court likes you to try that first anyway so this way I can say I did all I could first. Freak white trash bimbo I'd like to just pop her one but I'm trying to be civilized.

Travis said...

stay on her, don't give up and soak her. She deserves this. She cannot just d*ck you around like matter how 'nice' and 'apologetic' her tone has been..YAWN.

mediation is a good avenue...I have a friend who used to mediate and she helped in many situations like this.

keep up the fight!!!

Melissa said...

I talked to a mediator today and decided to go ahead and file in court on Friday. She seems to be the type that needs some kind of big motivation to do what she says she will. They want to sell the house and a lien on the property so they have to pay me seems like it will be a bigger motivator than a soft spoken mediator.