Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Well I blogged about a new client and how weird she was and her turret. Well I still stand by my reaction to the turret but I really like this woman.
I must admit I am conditioned to dislike rich people at this point. My two year long experience with my other main client plus some others have show me that a lot of rich folks are spoiled, affected and rude. But not this newest one. She is smart well traveled and open minded. Her house is a museum of art from all over the world. So fascinating you can't help but linger and stop and stare. There are ornately carved masks from all over the world and not your garden variety "We got a mask in Italy", huge imposing masks that take over walls.
I was in Peru in November and visited Machu Picchu, she stayed overnight and took part in ancient Incan ceremonies. My boyfriend went to Nepal and climbed to Everest Base Camp, she lived there for a time. I have a car, she has had five Ferrari' But she I like her, she's interesting. Surprisingly we seem to have a lot in is this possible?
Last week she went to visit a photographer friend who hangs out in the Tenderloin District in San Francisco with the Tranny's. He was having a book signing for his new book of photographs of the regulars in a bar named Diva's. He somehow realized my business is named after a drag show (I don't want to name the business here, email me and I will tell you) and personally enscribed a book for me that she brought back for me....very cool.
I had an opinion and she changed it. I like that.


Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I didn't know the "named after a drag show part!" You should let me know about that story. I'm fascinated.

Travis said...

i love this post Melissa... some of my dearest friendships over the years have happened that way. (most of the time I'm spot on in my instant judgments...and yet...haha)

anyway, this brought a smile to my sunburned face