Friday, October 24, 2008

The Buster Cube

This is hands down my favorite dog toy. Actually it really isn't a toy it's more a puzzle. Since Lola was a very small puppy she has been eating her meals out of her buster cube. We had to take a short break when we lived with Hank

This is Hank. Actually he isn't this bad, it mainly amuses me to put up this picture. I LOVE moment in time pictures. Those pictures that happen by accident. Anyway Hank id some resource guarding over his food so I had to put the cube away.

So Lola ate all her meals out of the Buster Cube and loved it as you can tell by the video. I highly recommend these to all my clients. I believe it helps with boredom and makes mealtime more interesting. See dogs eat unnaturally with us. Animals hunt down, stalk, run down and then kill their prey. We just hand them a bowl and tell them to have at it. These toys stimulate and entertain them in a way a bowl of food cannot.

So it's called a Buster Cube and you fill it up with their kibble. At first when they roll it the food comes out very quickly but then it takes more rolls to get the food to come out. The only issue I have with the cube is that it can be very noisy. I would wake up many nights to hear it clunking around the house. Apparently there is something called a "Tricky Treat" ball that has soft sides but I have not tried it yet.

So to help entertain your dog get a Buster Cube:)


Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I'd get Watson a Buster cube for Christmas, but I think he'd swallow the whole thing in one bite.

That Hank is hilarious. Is he a Chinese Crested? or whatever they're called?

Melissa said...

No he is a long haired blue Merle Chihuahua. Funny looking little due with an attitude. He would try to rip out Watson's guts. He'd fail but he'd try:)

Oh and you shoul they are hard plastic I don't think he could swallow it and they come in a larger size.

Travis said...

I love the sound track to this video :)

We put Sadie's meals in her king layered with peanut butter so she has to work at it.

We also have a 'treat stick' that works on a similar premise to the cube, but its way too noisy.