Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Media

I have several blogger friends who are members of the media and we frequently disagree. Not in a bad way (I think) I just don't feel the same way they do on certain things. One of them recently posted on how he disliked the "blame the media" mentality and I said I disagreed. But maybe that isn't the right way to put it. There are some things I don't like about the media and in the interest of not taking up their comment space here they are....

The rush to judgement regarding people who are accused of committing crimes. Maybe calling Nancy Grace media is pushing it, maybe she is entertainment, but I find myself really shocked and offended by her show and viewpoint. It isn't just her but she is the example I will use. If there is a crime committed she decides her opinion, tells the whole world and will not listen to anyone. I wonder how these people can ever get fair trial with all the media coverage. How can they get an impartial jury? These pundits can make it seem as though there is no argument and they know the truth. Oh and this 4 month long Caylee Anthony thing?? Please why does this inflammatory woman still have a job?

The omission of huge stories because they aren't sexy enough. Cable news spends a huge amount of time reporting on whether or not Britney is wearing underwear and largely ignores Darfur. That's criminal. We switched to BBC news in the morning just to feel informed about global happenings. None of the American stations made us feel that way.

I have been arguing ad nauseum with a friend about how I believe the media makes mountains out of molehills. We watched a story about all the nooses being left on campuses around the country and the anchor called it "horrific". The next day the same anchor was reporting on a murder and called it "unfortunate" What? Now I agree lynchings are horrific. Hate crimes are horrific. Slavery was horrific but a noose left by a 17 year old drunk college student is NOT horrific it is something that should not be given that level of attention. Attention is what that idiot wanted and he got it. So did the three other idiots who left nooses following him/her. Report the big stuff.

The lumping together of all evils. Calling a slip of the tongue racism . Or labeling a stereotype racism. I think racism is a horrible thing. I also interpret it as trying to harm or hold a group of people down for their differences. I don't put telling a mildly offensive joke in that category. Again the action does not deserve the slightly hysterical reaction. I train dogs. I tell people that while dogs like positive attention if they can't get it they will settle for negative attention. That the best way to make an offensive behavior go away is to ignore it. Now if the behavior is dangerous or destructive of course you should address that but the small stuff? Let it go extinct. Don't let it be self rewarding. The best action is no reaction. It's no fun to jump on a person who isn't reacting. Sometimes I think that people in your line of work have to be so careful with their words that it reaches ridiculous levels.

That's my opinion guys...Go! Get me :) I still like you

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Melissa said...

I forgot one....Quit acting like public figures private lives are any of my business. It's not