Monday, October 20, 2008

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
I found a repeat of this on Bravo, my favorite network. I love this show! Actually I love all makeover shows or shows that have makeovers in them, always have. Extreme Makeover where the ugly ducklings become beautiful swans...even "The Swan" where they get all gussied up and then compete in a beauty pageant. The Biggest Loser I could go on and on. Something about seeing the joy in those people eyes when they see their new faces and bodies chokes me up.
I will admit it's kind of a guilty pleasure because I'm pretty sure none of it is a good idea. It just reinforces the idea that a persons value is solely wrapped up in their looks. I find myself falling into that belief myself. The funny part is I only have really high physical standards for myself, ones that I am constantly reaching for and falling short. I really don't care what those around me look like...I probably wouldn't notice.
You know how people say people notice, hair, clothes, figure? Well I don't. Sure I would notice extremes...very fat, very thin...manolos vs keds but all the in between I just don't notice. Mark talks of gaining weight and I'm like huh? Mark is just Mark and ten pounds wouldn't change that for me. Yet I worry that my ten pounds will change it for him.
So I'm not sure that these kind of shows I love are good for us. Physical perfection is a pretty lofty goal and pretty much unattainable. I can recognize this at my ripe old age but can everyone?


Dan-Eric Slocum said...

My vanity card was thrown in the trash the day I walked off the television screen.

I look *fairly homeless* most of the time.

Too many years of LITERALLY being judged on every aspect of how I freakin' looked. I now DO NOT CARE!!!!

Travis said...

I used to think I was hot...but over the years...I've become convinced I need plastic surgery (knock out my chin, transplant some hair, lipo my fat). I can't watch these shows because I just get too envious...that these ppl get the makeover and I dont.

Melissa said...

Eric- i went from being dressed to the nines everyday to not showering until the end of the day. I love it!!

Travis- I feel you bro. My whole thing is not changing anything...I'm ok with what i was borned with I just need to make it all smaller and I need to do that myself. Just too lazy yet