Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I need to crank about this whole remodeling process. See I can't crank to Mark because he seems to think I'm complaining and feels the need to remind me how hard he's working and how great it will be. I know all this and I think everyday how lucky I am to live here with him. Plus I know how absolutely fabulous this house is going to be when it's all done. I am a lucky lucky girl. I wouldn't change a thing.....well....except I'd make the house done...NOW!
I've never lived in a house while it was being remodeled and really didn't realize how big pain it is. I kind of feel disorganized and messy all the time. Those that know me well will say I am hyper clean and organized and they can't believe I'm living like this. Since January I haven't really had all my stuff in one place. Some is in storage, I had some in a crappy apartment I lived in for 5 months...well my stuff lived there I never did. Some was at a friends house and some is here. So finding anything is difficult...ok impossible. I used to have office space for my business but now I have a laptop on the coffee table, a filing cabinet on the porch and a printer that is constantly in different place.
I don't have a closet my clothes are either in storage or crammed in one dresser, ONE! I'm a girl for cripes sake. The bathroom has no walls and no storage. My kitchen has no counter space and four refrigerators (don't ask). You have to manually turn the gas on and off at the source when you cook.
There are only three vents in the house that work so in one room you freeze your butt off and the other rooms you sweat. I'm kind of surprised it doesn't rain between the two rooms. The dining room table is in the bedroom along with the chairs. Plastic is our doorways to the outside and it's getting cold. Oh and none of the lights work so now that it's getting dark early you have to take a flashlight to maneuver between rooms. As well as the wall outlets, extension cords are my friends.
Ok that did sound like complaining I guess. But can't I know that it will be great, appreciate the work he does (I SO do) but stil not like the slightly disjointed feeling this gives me? I want light and heat and a bedroom without a table....sigh.

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Travis said...

I have no doubt it'll be amazing when its finished. but I have to agree...Curtis and I have agreed...we will NEVER live in a house that we want remodeled. Its just not for either of us...I'm a neat freak who gets stressed out when things are out of order...plus I am lazy...and he just doesn't want to have to do that kind of work.

You don't sound complainy to me, sounds honest and frustrated...and that's ok. vent out the frustration here so you dont have to complain to mark.