Thursday, October 02, 2008


This is Newton. He is a HUGE Persain cat. I'm not entirely sure how much he weighs but he is a weighty cat.

Here he is next to Lola who weighs about 20 pounds. They look the same don't they? Newton is my companion for the evening. Mark had a bad day at work and came home frazzled. I am learning that he is a man :) I've never lived with a man before, swore I wouldn't do it but here I am. I've learned with this man he sometimes needs to leave and have me not follow. As a woman I want to talk it all out...he doesn't he wants to retreat sometimes.
So Newton is my couch partner tonight. I'm learning about cats too. Who knew a cat could have room clearing gas? Hmmmm learning a lot tonight....yup. Boys, cats and gas....yup. Good times


Dan-Eric Slocum said...

The *leave me alone* thing is just man-stuff, you're right. And you're doing the right thing to just let him be. Good job. We always come back to commune and love soon enough-- but there's something instinctive about silently nursing wounds.

On the cat gas-- I'm fortunate-- with three. HOWEVER. I have been around some gas bags.

Melissa said...

My biggest problem is when we disagree (ok fight:)At a certain point he does the retreat thing and sometimes its before I'm done fighting. I am trying to let him go then too. If I do it's usually fine but when I can't it escalates into yelling. But damnit sometimes I'm just not done!

Kristin said...

I agree that retreating is a good thing, but yes, sometimes it absolutely drives me mad and I'll try to push David's buttons to make him talk. Last time I did that he just said, "I'd rather talk about it tomorrow when we're both in a better place." That happened, and it was good :)

Travis said...

some people need other people to recharge, energize, etc... I need to be alone.

Sometimes I need to be alone when I am stressed, man, upset, whatever...but that's what I need. Curtis and I are very get-along-to-go-along in this way. I can retreat down to my office anytime I need...and he never worries I am hiding or running from him.

Melissa said...

Maybe to be gay is the right way:) That way us girls can talk and talk and talk and the boys can retreat into their caves. Wait no I like boys damnit!

It's not that I'm afraid he's running away I just like to talk about things until I feel they are resolved....him ot so much

Kristin said...

Yes that is a true case of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. I'd much rather talk things out until they are resolved as well, we just have to recognize we are different and not let it aggravate us.