Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Good Day
We had a good day today. I managed to talk Mark into taking the day away from the house and we drove to Roslyn for lunch. Toured the Suncadia resort...$900,000 for 1088 sq feet? Then drove the forest service roads to Stampede pass. When you get to the top the mountains are covered with power lines that snap and crackle. Here is Mark at the top. Hope your weekend was as good!


Travis said...

sounds like a great weekend!!!

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I'd like to meet Mark one of these days. If I ever leave the house again for the rest of my life-- and who knows about that?

Melissa said...

Well Andy talked about some great Mexican places down there. So maybe someday. You wouldn't have to go far:) I quit trying to get you two out here...even though I know you'd love it. Maybe when/if the house gets done.

You should meet him. No one should miss meeting him :) He's great